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historic familok of Nikiszowiec

Nikiszowiec (German: Nikischschacht) a part of an administrative district Janów-Nikiszowiec of Katowice city.

Initially it was coal miners' settlement of Giesche mine built on the land of Gieschewald manor (Giszowiec) between 1908–1918 on the mining – metallurgical concern initiative Georg von Giesches Erben.[1] On 9 May 1924, the manor was liquidated, and Nikiszowiec together with Giszowiec were incorporated into Janów district.

In 1951 the district became a part of a new city – Szopienice, however, this decision was voided in 1960, when both Szopienice and Nikiszowiec were incorporated to Katowice.

The remnants of the original workers' housing estate familoks (specialized multi-family residences) comprise one of Poland's official national Historic Monuments (Pomnik historii), as designated January 28, 2011 and tracked by the National Heritage Board of Poland.


Coordinates: 50°24′38″N 19°08′21″E / 50.41056°N 19.13917°E / 50.41056; 19.13917