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The Last FER Government

Nikolay Mikhailovich Matveev (Russian: Николай Михайлович Матвеев) (1877, village Bogdat, Nerchinsko-Zavodsky uezd, Transbaikal - April 26, 1951, Moscow) was a Soviet politician and the second and last head of the Far Eastern Republic.

He was graduated from the Irkutsk Officer Cadet School and worked as a land surveyor for the Transbaikal Cossack Host. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 Matveev was appointed a deputy of the commissar on Military Affairs. In February 1918 he headed the Soviet Narkom of the Interior. In the summer of 1918 Matveev joined the Siberian Soviet Narkom. After the fall of the Soviets in Siberia he was forced to hide in taiga in which he was caught and arrested by the Whites.

Matveev was released in February 1920 and appointed as the head of the political department of the Amur Partisan Army. Matveev joined the Far Eastern Republic's Government in December 1920. He was the War Minister and in December 1921 he became the last head of the Republic. After the "reunion" of the RSFSR and the Far Eastern Republic in 1922 Matveev served in many Soviet posts until his death.