Nimai Bhattacharya

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Nimai Bhattacharya
নিমাই ভট্টাচার্য
Born10 April 1931
Notable work

Nimai Bhattacharya is a writer of Bengali Literature who was born in 10 April 1931 in Magura's Shalikha.[1]

Early Life[edit]

He had lost his mother when he was three years old. He had passed Matriculation in 1948. After India Partition, he moved to West Bengal from East Bengal.[1] Then he had passed IA and BA from Ripon College, Calcutta.


He had started his career in journalism. A novel which was written by him was published in Amritobazar in 1963.[2] His next four novels were published in the newspaper. After that, he had taken his profession as writing.

Notable Works[edit]

He had written more than 150 books.[3] But his most notable work is Memsaheb.[3][4] A film was made based on the book named Mem Saheb where Uttam Kumar and Aparna Sen in main roles.[5] Some of his notable books are:

  • Memsaheb
  • Minibus
  • Matal
  • Inquilab
  • Bachelor
  • Kerani
  • Rajdhani Express
  • Anglo Indian
  • Darling
  • Your Honour
  • Cocktail
  • Pother Sheshe


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