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public company
(part of CA Technologies)
Industry IT Management software
Founded 1998
Headquarters Long Island, New York, United States

Nimsoft was an independent company software vendor that offered information technology (IT) monitoring and service desk products and services. It was acquired by CA Inc. in 2010, and since October 2012 its products were integrated into that business. The Nimsoft brand is still used by CA.

Nimsoft products monitor and manage business services and specific systems within the IT infrastructure, including network components, servers, databases, applications, and virtualized environments.

With Nimsoft products, customers can monitor systems hosted in internal data centers, as well as in externally hosted environments, including software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing environments.[1]


Nimbus Software was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 1998 (not to be confused with Nimbus Data). Converse Software, the exclusive US distributor of Nimbus Software, was founded in Silicon Valley in 2002. Nimbus Software and Converse Software merged in 2004 to form Nimsoft. Gary Read, the founder of the US distributor, was appointed CEO and the new company’s headquarters were established in Silicon Valley.[2] In 2007 a 10.3 million Series A round of funding from JMI Equity and Northzone Ventures closed.[3] Nimsoft acquired Indicative Software in April 2008 to offer business service management and established a new research and development base in Fort Collins, Colorado.[4] Nimsoft received the San Francisco Business Times 2008 "Best Place to Work Award".[5] Nimsoft closed a $12 million funding round led by Goldman Sachs in October 2008.[3]

In May 2009 Nimsoft acquired the intellectual property assets of Cittio. Its product capabilities included network discovery, topology mapping, and root cause analysis (RCA) utilizing graph theory.[6] That October Nimsoft announced its unified monitoring architecture to monitor externally hosted systems and services, including SaaS and cloud computing based IT infrastructures.[7]

In March 2010 CA Inc. announced it would acquire Nimsoft for $350 million.[8] Nimsoft was one of the "Hottest Silicon Valley Companies" by Lead411.[9] In September 2010, Nimsoft extended its software to support Vblock products from the VCE Company.[10]

In April 2011, Nimsoft announced its Unified Manager, software combining IT monitoring and service management.[11] Enhanced management support for NetApp storage was announced in June.[12] CA acquired Netherlands-based WatchMouse in July, and its software was integrated into Nimsoft.[13]

Nimsoft ceased to exist as an independent operating unit within CA in 2012, although the same products are still offered[when?] under that brand name.


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