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Nina Woodford-Wells is Swedish song writer.


Nina Woodford (born 13 July 1979)[1] Stockholm, is the daughter of the Swedish music producer Sten Sandahl,[2] and the Afro-American social anthropologist Prudence Woodford-Berger.[3] At the age of 16,[4] she began her career doing backing vocals for Swedish artists such as Eric Gadd, Titiyo, The Navigators.[5] She also featured on the Britney Spears album Oops!... I Did It Again.[6] Woordford started to make suggestions on how to improve the songs lyrics that encouraged her to start writing songs.[7] By the age of 20 she had a publishing deal.[4] Woodford also tried a hand at acting in the mid 90’s and played smaller parts in a handful of Swedish TV and film productions.[8] By 2001 she was part of Murlyn Music, a production house that signed a publishing deal with Universal.[5]

At age 25 Woodford moved to London where she began to submit her songs to a number of record companies.[7] Since then she has written songs for Tom Jones, Leona Lewis, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, British TV Show Britannia High, Australian singers Cassie Davis and Holly Valance, Christina Milian, The Saturdays, Sugababes and Jay Sean.[9] Woodford noted that Kate Bush "makes me feel free to dare to try different things. There are very few women who write that kind of direct poetry".[10]

Her biggest hit to date is Broken Strings,[4] the third single by James Morrison from his second studio album Songs for You, Truths for Me. The song is a duet with Canadian pop/R&B singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Nina grew up in Stockholm's Södermalm borough. Today she lives in Los Angeles and is married to record producer Greg Wells. She has a son, Marley, through a previous relationship with Colin Barlow.[7]


  • 2010 SKAP prize, an award designated to Swedish pop music writers.[11]


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