Ninth Belgrade Gymnasium

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Ninth Belgrade Grammar School
Ninth Belgrade Gymnasium Ex.jpg
IX Gymnasium "Mihailo Petrović-Alas",
New Belgrade, Serbia
Type Gymnasium
Established 1961 (1961)
Enrollment approx. 1000

The IX Grammar School "Mihailo Petrović-Alas" (Serbian: Deveta gimnazija "Mihailo Petrović-Alas; Девета гимназија "Михајло Петровић-Алас") is a high school located in New Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 1961, the school is named after the Serbian mathematician Mihailo Petrović-Alas.

The school has a reputation of being very academically demanding, with high entry standards: for example, in 2005, an applicant needed a score of at least 96 out of 100 points on the Serbian High school examination to enroll in the school [1], the highest score of any high school in Belgrade that year.

Notable alumni[edit]


The legend passed from generation to generation of incoming students is that the school building served as a women's prison before being converted to a school. The legend was perpetuated by graffiti on the school building, saying "Stavite nam turpiju u lebac!" ("Put a file in our bread!"), as well as the fact that some buildings' ground-floor windows have bars. Another famous graffiti on the school was read "LUSTFULL RAINDEER" (i.e. "POHOTNI IRVASI" in Serbian). This graffiti became one of the schools landmarks, until it was painted over.

"The New Belgrade School of Philosophy"[edit]

An article from 2000 titled "The Political beginning of Zoran Đinđić," claims that it was Dr. Milan Kovačević, a professor of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy. The article states that the IXth gymnasium was notorious in communist Yugoslavia for the liberal atmosphere that is atmosph:// article]


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