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The Nizam Club is located in Saifabad, Hyderabad, India. the club location is considered as heart of the Hyderabad city, which is exactly opposite to Telangana Legislative Assembly Hall. Surrounded in 4 acres land.[1]


The club was established on September 26, 1884. by Nawab Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI. During those days, there was only one major club in the Hyderabad State, the Secunderabad Club and it was exclusive and almost confined to the British Resident of Hyderabad State. Therefore, The then Prime Minister Mir Laiq Ali Khan Salar Jung II, suggested a club for gentlemen of status and culture, irrespective of race, religion or creed, be established. And the Nizam Club came into existence.

In 1885, Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI sanctioned a monthly grant of Rs 100 towards rent for a suitable club building and this grant was continued till 1946.[2]

The club was initially housed at the Abid Centre (now Abids), on a site where the old General Post Office building was subsequently located. Later, it was shifted to premises in the present Mahboobia Girls School complex.

The present premises was purchased in 1906 for a sum of Rs 30,000, located opposite to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly building[3]

The club runs its all activities with no profit, no loss motto. The club maintains its discipline and decorum as per the club rules to use the club facilities by family gatherings. The aims and objects of the club are to provide a central place for the residents of the city to meet during leisure hours to take part in indoor and outdoor games and to increase unity and feelings of cordiality among public.[4]


The membership of the club shall be open to all persons without any distinction of religion, race, caste or gender, subject to the provision of the club rules. The club runs its all activities with no profit, no loss motto.[5] The first president of the club was Salar Jung-II, who continued till 1887. Since then, 24 persons served as presidents of the Nizam Club.[6] Currently the club is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Act of 1951 and the club is the first society registered in Andhra Pradesh. The elected body consisting of President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Joint Secretary, and 6 members of the managing committee maintains the club.[7] One of the members of the Nizam Club was Professor Ehssan who served as a professor in Nizam College


The sprawling club, spread across 4 acres of land, European in style, the central structure has a stone portico with steps leading up to the raised plinth. An arched corridor spans the entire facade and wraps around to the southern portion. A beautiful wooden staircase leads up to the upper floor. Various additions and alterations have been made to the original structure. The club records attribute the construction of a magnificent Banquet Gakk ub 1910 to Nawab Hakim ud Dowla and the creation of the Card Room designed and constructed in 1945.[8]


Serving with the fleet of 300 staff,[9] The Nizam Club is one of the best club in Hyderabad.[10]

  • Library : The Club library was started in the year 1884 AD, for the use of its members. Even though it was started with limited number of books now it is grown to an extent of approximately 4000 books consisting of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children, Encyclopedia, History, Technical and literature of all languages. Nawab Nazir Yar Jung, was the founder Secretary to the Library.
  • Health Club : A well equipped GYM and fitness centre for ladies with physiotherapy facilities has provided for the Club members. It is popular as one of the best Health Club centre of twin cities.
  • Shuttle court: Two indoor shuttle courts with wooden flooring.have been provided for the members. The club conducts interclub annual tournaments.
  • Swimming Pool : it has two full size swimming pools, one is separate for under 14 age.
  • Tennis court : Two sand tennis court available for the members use with flood lights. Club is proud to say that Ms. Sania Mirza, the winner of Wimbledon girls double title and become first Indian woman to win a grand slam title had started learning tennis from this court.
  • Billiards : The Club is maintaining billiards section, with a three tables. Club conducts the Inter Club Snooker and Billiards tournament every year.
  • Cards Section: The club runs the cards section 24 hours. The game of cards will be played based on the skills. The club conducts the prestigious open bridge tournaments and rummy competitions and whist drives every year.
  • Restaurant: existing dining hall (Dine ‘n’ Drink) and Banquet Gakk ub, is very popular for mutton biryani, which has been famous from the days of Nizam’s Mughal chefs.The management also provides special entertainment zones for kids.[11]


INTACH awarded and Listed in the city's heritage for being a landmark, for its conscious restoration and preservation effort.[12]


Having intrinsic architectural value, the Nizam Club had been in a state of disrepair and neglect for quite some time. There is now a positive change in the building's upkeep. Sensitive restoration has been carried out to organize the utilities. The electrical fixtures are now in harmony and along with the restored furniture, have brought back the authentic heritage feel to the environment. The repairs and maintenance have been undertaken in original materials and a number of interventions reversed to restore the authentic lines and proportions.[13]

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