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Nkpor is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 6°9′N 6°50′E / 6.150°N 6.833°E / 6.150; 6.833
Country Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
State Anambra State
Population (2007)
 • Total 109,377

Nkpor is a town in Idemili North local government area of Anambra state, southeastern Nigeria. The town of Nkpor had an estimated population of 109,377 in 2007.[1] It is attached to the much larger city of Onitsha to the west, Oze to the north west, Ogidi to the north, Umuoji to the north east and Obosi to the south. The name 'Nkpor' is derived from the adulteration of the Igbo word 'nkpogha' meaning 'repositioning'.


The indigenes of Nkpor are descendants of a hunter from Arochukwu (in present-day Abia state also in south eastern Nigeria) called Okoli Oti. Okoli Oti had three sons Omaliko, Oji and Dimudeke. Omaliko who was the eldest is the ancestor of the people of Abatete, the descendants of Oji are the people of Umuoji, while Nkpor indigenes are descended from Dimudeke. The people of Nkpor were originally called 'Umudim' and dwelt in the area where the town of Oraukwu is located now. However, due to incessant wars and strifes with their neighbours, their elder brothers (Abatete and Umuoji) forcefully relocated them to their present site which was then uninhabited. This event lead to the derivation of the name 'Nkpor' (ndi akpoghalu akpogha—nkpogha—nkpogho—Nkpor {this is the supposed sequence of transformation and adulteration of the name}). Nkpor is made up of five villages named after the children of Dimudeke: Isiome(Umusiome village), Ngwu(Isingwu village), Ububa(Ububa village), Nwafor(Amafor village) and Mgbachu. The igwe (king) traditionally comes from umusiome village(because they are the 'eldest'). Umusiome village consists of nine kindreds, each named after a single principal ancestor. Three of these kindreds are descendants of the sons of the first king of Nkpor. The descendants of Ezeonwu the first son, hold the 'ofor nwa di okpala' and therefore cannot be kings, but they crown the sons of Arinze, the middle son, who are the kings. The descendants of Ezekwem, the youngest son, sit near the king as trustworthy assistants and advisors. For this reason only the descendants of Arinze can be kings in Nkpor. It is noteworthy that these kindreds who are descendants of the first king cannot inter-marry. Akuzo, an integral part of Nkpor, is an adopted son of Umusiome. The people of Nkpor though known in ancient times as fierce warriors, from which they derived the envious name 'obodo dike' (the land of the brave), are peace-loving people.


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Coordinates: 6°09′N 6°50′E / 6.150°N 6.833°E / 6.150; 6.833