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The No Mind Festival[1] is an annual alternative festival that has taken place in Ängsbacka, Sweden each summer since 1997 and is sometimes referred to as Ängsbacka's Glastonbury.[2] Its roots are drawn from the No Mind philosophy of Osho, the Indian mystic who popularized No Mind meditation. It is counted amongst the largest alternative festivals in Europe [3] and regularly attracts around 1,000 participants.

The festival usually takes place in early July and lasts for seven days. It is a strictly drug and alcohol-free event [4] and includes a 'festival within a festival' for participants under 18.[5] It regularly attracts workshops leaders of note from the international spiritual community, such as Byron Katie,[2] The Little Grandmother [6] and Ram Dass.[2]

This festival was the focus of the 2008 documentary Three Miles North of Molkom.


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