No Straight Angles

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No Straight Angles
No Straight Angles.jpg
Studio album by No Fun at All
Released 1994
Genre Punk rock
Label Burning Heart
No Fun at All chronology
No Straight Angles
Out of Bounds

No Straight Angles is the first full-length album by punk band No Fun at All, released in 1994.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Believers
  2. Wow and I Say Wow
  3. Strong and Smart
  4. Growing Old, Growing Cold
  5. I Can't Believe It's True
  6. It Won't Be Long
  7. I Am Wrong and I Am Right
  8. Wisdom?
  9. So It Sadly Goes
  10. Beachparty
  11. Evil Worms
  12. Days in the Sun
  13. So Many Times
  14. Nothing I Wouldn't Do
  15. Happy for the First Time
  16. Alcohol †
  17. Don't Be a Pansy †

"Happy for the First Time" contains as a hidden track a new version of their song "What You Say", which originally appeared on the 1993 EP Vision.

"Strong and Smart" was later covered by the Swedish metal band In Flames as a bonus track to their album Clayman.

"Alcohol" is originally a song composed by the hardcore band Gang Green.

† = Exclusive to the 1995 Theologian Records American release. "Don't Be a Pansy" was originally released on a 1994 G-Spot Records compilation CD named "Rock Around The Clock" and on the No Straight Angles Maxi single.