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Noah Van Sciver
Noah Van Sciver (l) with one of his publishers (Kilgore Books & Comics), 13th Ave., Denver, CO Summer, 2010
Born (1984-07-07) July 7, 1984 (age 35)
New Jersey
Notable works
4 Questions
The Hypo
St. Cole
Fante Bukowski
My Hot Date or

Noah Van Sciver (born July 7, 1984 in New Jersey) is an independent American cartoonist. He currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina.

Early life[edit]

Van Sciver grew up in a large family in New Jersey.[1] A self-taught artist,[2] he was influenced by many comics, including Ralph Snart Adventures and comics by Joe Matt and R. Crumb.[3] He and his family were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), but he is no longer a member.[4][5] His brother Ethan Van Sciver,[6], is a comic book artist and an internet personality.


Van Sciver began producing his one-person anthology Blammo in 2006, originally selling them for one dollar.[4] His 4 Questions strip in Denver's alternative weekly, Westword, helped publicize his work when he started publishing it in 2007.[7][4] After four issues, Kilgore Books & Comics published subsequent issues.[4] His short story "Abby's Road," which originally appeared in Blammo #6, was selected for the Best American Comics 2012 anthology. He stopped publishing 4 Questions in 2015.[7] Since December 2011, Van Sciver's work has appeared in Mad magazine,[8] and has been featured in The Comics Journal, Mome, and Mineshaft.[citation needed]

In October 2012, Fantagraphics Books published The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln, a narrative biography of Abraham Lincoln that spans the years 1837-1842. The Hypo, Van Sciver's first full-length graphic novel, earned positive critical praise, and made it onto several "best-of" lists for 2012, including MTV Geek (#3),[9] Boing Boing (tied #3),[10] Publishers Weekly Critic's Poll (#4),[11] and was ranked as one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2012 by the Library Journal.[12] In 2015, Fantagraphics released two Van Sciver graphic novels, St. Cole and Fante Bukowski. [13] Van Sciver stated in an interview that he based the character Fante Bukowski's experiences partially on his own experiences.[5] The character Fante Bukowski is an aspiring writer hungry for recognition, and his name is a combination of the surnames of John Fante and Charles Bukowski.[14] In a 2018 interview, Van Sciver said that he did not have plans to draw more Fante Bukowski books.[3]

Also in 2015, Kilgore Books released Van Sciver's autobiographical mini comic My Hot Date, which won the 'Best Story' Ignatz Award at the Small Press Expo.[13] For the 2015–2016 school year, Van Sciver was a fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Columbus, Ohio.[15] In Van Sciver's autobiographical comic, One Dirty Tree (2018), he examined his childhood. He reported that his family was not happy with the comic, and Van Sciver felt bad for making his father a villain, when his father suffers from mental illness.[3] John Wenzel at The Know described the comic's imagery as "uncanny, [and] deceptively casual."[16]

Van Sciver uses Photoshop along with traditional media like radiograph pens, Higgins inks, colored pencils and watercolors.[2] He keeps regular hours drawing, working each day from 9am until 5pm. He has used social media like Patreon and Twitter in the past to get immediate feedback on his work.[3] He moved to Columbia, South Carolina in 2018.[3]


In addition to his Ignatz win, Noah had been nominated for the award seven times:

2010 Outstanding Comic - Blammo #6 (Kilgore)
2012 Outstanding Minicomic - The Death of Elijah Lovejoy (2D Cloud)
2014 Outstanding Comic - Blammo #8 (Kilgore), 2015 Outstanding Graphic Novel - Saint Cole (Fantagraphics)
2015 Outstanding Artist - Saint Cole (Fantagraphics)
2015 Outstanding Graphic Novel - Saint Cole (Fantagraphics)
2016 Outstanding Artist - Disquiet (Fantagraphics)
2016 Outstanding Story - My Hot Date (Kilgore)

In 2016, his graphic novel Fante Bukowski was nominee for a Best Writer/Artis Eisner Award.[17]

Van Sciver has been nominated for two Association for Mormon Letters: in 2015 for My Hot Date and 2018 for One Dirty Tree.[18][19] He received the AML Award for One Dirty Tree.[20]


The following is a mostly complete list of comics which contain solely content by Van Sciver. Collections, anthologies, and group online work has not been included.

Blammo Funnies #1 2006 Self-Published
Blammo Funnies #2 2007 Self-Published
4 Questions 2007-2015 The Denver Westword
Blammo #1 2007 Self-Published
Blammo #2 2008 Self-Published
The Work of A Young, Unfed and Unknown Cartoonist 2008 Self-Published
More Work from an Unknown Cartoonist 2008 Self-Published
Blammo #3 2009 Self-Published
The Limited and Very Rare Noah Van Sciver Mini Comic 2009 Self-Published
Blammo #4 2009 Self-Published
Blammo #5 2009 Kilgore Books & Comics
Chapbook 2009? self-published
Judgments 2009 self-published
Complaints 2010 Poopsheet Foundation
Blammo #6 2010 Kilgore Books & Comics
I Want to Be Special to You 2010 self-published
Noah Novella 2010 Grimalkin Press
Blammo #7 2011 Kilgore Books & Comics
Dueling 2011 self-published
Blammo #7.5 2011 self-published
The Hypo mini promo 2011? self-published
The Death of Elijah Lovejoy 2011 2D Cloud
1999 2012 Retrofit Comics
Noah Van Sciver in conversation with Charles Forsman 2012 Oily Comics
The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln 2012 Fantagraphics
Who is Dead in the White House? 2012 Fantagraphics Mini
St. Cole webcomic 2012-2014 The Expositor Comics
1999 2013 self-published bootleg of retrofit comic
Blammo #8 2013 Kilgore Books & Comics
St. Cole promo mini 2013 Kilgore Books & Comics
Weekend Alone 2013 Tinto Press LLC
More Mundane 2013 Self-published, #'d edition of 100
Youth is Wasted 2014 Adhouse Books
Blammo #8 1/2 2014 Kilgore Books & Comics
St. Cole 2015 Fantagraphics
My Hot Date 2015 Kilgore Books & Comics
Fante Bukowski 2015 Fantagraphics
Disquiet 2016 Fantagraphics
Blammo #9 2016 Kilgore Books & Comics
Fante Bukowski Two 2017 Fantagraphics
Johnny Appleseed (written by Paul Buhle) 2017 Fantagraphics
Blammo #10 2018 Kilgore Books & Comics
One Dirty Tree 2018 Uncivilized Books
Fante Bukowski 3 : A Perfect Failure 2018 Fantagraphics
Eugene V. Debs: A Graphic Biography (written by Paul Buhle & Steve Max) 2019 Fantagraphics


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