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Nobodyknows J!-ENT Live 2007.jpg
Performing live in 2007
Background information
OriginNagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
GenresHip-hop, rap rock, J-pop
Years active1999–present
MembersHidden Fish
Crystal Boy
Yasu Ichiban
Nori da Funky Shibire-sasu
DJ Mitsu
Past membersG-ton

Nobodyknows (stylized as nobodyknows+) is a Japanese hip-hop band founded in 1999.


Nobodyknows debuted in 2003 on the Sony Music Associated Records label with the mini-album Nobody knows3. They have released several hit CD singles which include "Kokoro Odoru", a song that was used as the second ending theme for the anime television series SD Gundam Force and included in the Nintendo DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. They released their first album, Do You Know?, in June 2004 and debuted at number one on the Japanese Oricon charts, a rare accomplishment for hip-hop groups in Japan.[1] In 2005, the group wanted to help aspiring local artists, so they organized the Nagoya Music Expo in September. The event brought in around 10,000 people.[citation needed]

Later that year, Nobodyknows released their second album, titled 5MC&1DJ. The album featured the song "Shiawase Nara Te o Tatakō" which was used as the theme song for the Japanese release of Kung Fu Hustle. The group remained in the public eye in 2006 with a national tour in February as they performed in every prefecture in Japan, which had not been previously done before by a hip-hop group.[1] The tour was filmed and released in November as a DVD and Blu-ray release titled Nobodyknows+ Tour 2006 "5MC&1DJ" - Kuribou no Menkui Dochu Hizakurige. The group performed their first overseas concert at Tokyo Night 2007 on 24 March in Long Beach, California, bringing their style of hip-hop/pop fusion to a U.S. audience.[citation needed]

Their single "Hero’s Come Back!!" was chosen as the first opening theme for the anime television series Naruto: Shippūden. On 10 February 2009, they released a new single called "Fallin'" which featured the original singer, Shigeru Matsuzaki (also known as Shigeru Brown). In 2010, they left major label Onenation, and returned to their original indie label $Tax (pronounced "Dollar Tax") Records.

In 2011, member Nori da Funky Shibire-sasu started balancing his work at Nobodyknows with a career in professional wrestling. He wrestled occasionally and as a freelancer, mainly competing in Dramatic Dream Team and Ice Ribbon, though he became an usual member of Pro Wrestling Heat Up in 2017. His tenure there would be successful, winning the Shakunetsuo Battle League 2017 and taking the Heat Up Universal Championship from founder Kazuhiro Tamura. However, after losing the title to Daisuke Kanehira, he retired from professional wrestling in October 2018.


  • Hidden Fish - Born 21 July 1979
  • Crystal Boy - Born 4 July 1977
  • Yasu Ichiban - Born 29 November 1978
  • Nori da Funky Shibire-sasu - Born 20 August 1980
  • DJ Mitsu - Born 12 March 1972
  • Yoshiki Yokimori - Born 27 June 1972

Former members[edit]

  • G-ton - Born 22 January 1975

Notable dates[edit]

  • 1999: G-ton, DJ Mitsu, Yoshiki Yokimori, and Crystal Boy form Nobodyknows in Nagoya.
  • 29 August 2000: The EPNobody Knows is released.
  • 5 May 2001: The EP Nobody knows2 is released, ranking 19th on Oricon Indies Chart.
  • 1 April 2007: Nobodyknows member G-ton leaves the band.
  • 22 August 2007: Nobodyknows release their third full album, Vulgarhythm, two years after their second one.
  • 19 December 2008: Yoshiki holds a celebration for his daughter Yoshimaru Yokimori in Nagoya



  • Nobody knows (EP) (2000)
  • Nobody knows 2 (EP) (2001)
  • Omae wa Hirata Daro? (お前は平田だろ?) (EP) (2002)
  1. Interlude
  2. Real man
  3. Theme 41
  4. Bonustrack
  • Nobody knows3 (EP) (19 February 2003)
  1. Nijūichi Seiki Kishu
  2. Ieie ~Erabete Aru Koto no Kōkotsu to Fuan to Futatsu Ware ni Ari~
  3. Theme from nobody knows pt.4
  4. Next Batter's Circle
  5. Sentimental Bass
  • Irai Zecchō (以来絶頂) (EP) (27 August 2003)
  1. intro
  2. Irai Zecchō
  3. Taiyo to Shōnen (feat. Dankan)
  4. Theme from nobody knows pt.5 ~Yoromeki~
  • Susumidasu→ (ススミダス→) (EP) (19 November 2003)
  1. Susumidasu→
  2. innocent word
  3. Rash (feat. coba)
  4. Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.6
  5. Enokorogusa ~coba_strumental~
  • "Poron2" (ポロン2) (25 February 2004)
  1. Poron2
  2. Sakura Spring Field Version
  3. Poron2 -instrumental-
  4. Sakura Spring Field Version -instrumental-
  • "Kokoro Odoru" (ココロオドル) (26 May 2004)
  1. Kokoro Odoru -original version-
  2. Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.7
  3. Ore la Ryū ~dreamin' day~
  4. Kokoro Odoru -instrumental version-
  • "Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakō / T.R.U.E." (シアワセナラテヲタタコウ/T.R.U.E.) (13 January 2005)
  1. Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakō
  2. Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.8
  3. T.R.U.E.
  • "Mebae" (メバエ) (27 April 2005)
  1. Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.10
  2. Mebae
  3. Magnum Ima Ike
  4. Mebae -instrumental-
  • "El Mirador ~Tenbōdai no Uta~" (エル・ミラドール~展望台の唄~) (6 July 2005)
  1. El Mirador ~Tenbōdai no Uta~
  2. Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.11
  3. @ the same time
  4. El Mirador ~Tenbōdai no Uta~ -instrumental-
  • "Dō yo?" (どうよ?) (19 October 2005)
  1. Dō yo?
  2. Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.12
  3. Natsu no Kakera
  4. Dō yo? -instrumental-
  • "Hero's Come Back!!" (25 April 2007)
  1. Hero's Come Back!!
  2. Ca Latte
  3. Oh Happy Days
  4. Hero's Come Back!! -instrumental-
  5. Ca latte(instrumental)
  • "Under Rain feat. Purimera" (アンダーレイン feat.プリメラ) (9 April 2008)
  • "Villain's Pain (Hero's Come Back!! ~Other Side~)/Imaike Samba" (-/イマイケサンバ) (30 July 2008)
  1. Villain's Pain
  2. slow down
  • "Fallin' feat. Shigeru Brown" (10 February 2009)
  1. "Fallin"
  2. "Fallin" (instrumental)
  • "Winds of Wins" (24 June 2010)
  1. "Winds of wins"
  2. "Winds of wins-instrumental"
  3. "L.B.S"(Laid Back Summer)
  4. "Worlds End"-feat.mash
  • "Join Us" (1 June 2013)
  1. "Join us"
  2. "Let's dance"
  3. "Join us instrumental"
  4. "Let's dance instrumental"
  5. "Join us Remix"
  6. "Gekisoku Motitotsu"
  7. "Forever"
  8. "Ni Juu Ichi Seiki Kishu(2013 Furstar remix)"


  • Do You Know? (30 June 2004)
  • 5MC & 1DJ (2 November 2005)
  • Vulgarhythm (22 August 2007)
  • Best of nobodyknows+ (compilation album) (11 March 2009)
  • nobodyknows+ is dead? (25 September 2013)


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