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NOD, Nod, or nod may refer to:

  • Nod (gesture), a head gesture.
  • Nod, a fictional character from the poem "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod"
  • Nod factor (nodulation factor), signaling molecules produced by rhizobia during the initiation of nodules on the root of legumes
  • Nation of Domination, a former stable in the World Wrestling Federation
  • Network of Disclosure, a group of comic book dealers and collectors who have pledged to disclose any form of restoration or enhancement on a comic book transferred to another party through sale, trade or gift
  • Night observation device or night vision device
  • Night of Decadence, a campus party at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA
  • NOD mice (non-obese diabetic mice), a strain of mice genetically prone to develop diabetes
  • NOD1 and NOD2, the nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain receptors, components of the innate immune system
  • NOD32, a software antivirus application from ESET software
  • Notice of default, a notice given to a borrower regarding failure to pay debt
  • Brotherhood of Nod, a fictional military organization in the Command & Conquer computer game series
  • Nintendo optical disc, a type of media used by the Nintendo GameCube and Wii
  • Nod, the original name of former Atlanta-based power pop band Raves
  • Notice of Decision, a formal notice provided in response to a formal request, such as to a government entity.
  • Nod, a novel from Canadian author Adrian Barnes, nominated for the 2013 Arthur C. Clarke Award
  • NOD, abbreviation for Национально-освободительное движение (National Liberation Movement), term for right-wing nationalist organisations in Russia

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