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Origin Milan, Italy
Genres Death metal
Years active since 1994
Labels Lucretia (1995–2000)
Scarlet (2000–2005, since 2009)
Massacre (2005–2009)
Scarlet (2010)
Punishment 18 (2016)
Members CN Sid
Gary D'Eramo
Rudy Gonella Diaza
Davide (Dero) De Robertis
Pietro Battanta
Past members Giacomo "Jack" Lavatura
Giuseppe Caruso
Marco Di Salvia
Daniel Botti
Klaus Mariani
Mario Giannini
Joe La Viola
Steve Minelli
Loris Pacaccio
John Manti
Andrea "Attila" Caniato
Gabriel Pignata

Node is an Italian death metal band formed in Milan in 1994 and currently signed to Punishment 18 Records.[1] Their last (sixth) full-length album is titled Cowards Empire.[2]


Former members[edit]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Technical Crime (Lucretia Records, 1997—remastered, Scarlet, 2004)
  • Sweatshops (Scarlet, 2002)
  • Das Kapital (Scarlet, 2004)
  • As God Kills (Massacre Records, 2006)
  • In the End Everything Is a Gag (Scarlet, 2010)
  • Cowards Empire (2016)


  • Ask (Lucretia Records, 1995—remastered, Scarlet, 2004)
  • Sterilized (Lucretia Records, 2000)


  • Grind Revolution in Mass Evolution (self-produced, 1994)
  • Land of Nod (self-produced, 2000)


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