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Nonakris (Ancient Greek: Νώνακρις, Nónakris) was an ancient city in Arcadian Azania, situated in what is now Achaea, southern Greece.

Said to be named after the wife of Lycaon, Nonakris was part of the state of Pheneos. It was located near a cliff from which water thought to be that of the Styx trickled. By the time Pausanias visited the city, it was completely in ruins.[1]

Between 1835 and 1912, there was a municipality named Nonakrida (Greek: Νωνάκριδα) named after the ancient city. It consisted of the villages Peristera, Mikros Pontias, Mesorrougi, Agia Varvara and Zarouchla, situated in the modern municipal units of Kalavryta and Akrata.[2]

Some archaeologists have suggested that the ancient city was located around the modern village of Kerpini, Kalavryta municipality. Around Kerpini, they found an ancient temple, coins, buildings, and other signs of settlement.[3]


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