Noranda Caldera

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Noranda Calera
Blake River Megacaldera Complex map.jpg
Noranda Caldera is highlighted pale yellow
Location Quebec, Canada
Range Canadian Shield
Geology Calderas

The Noranda Caldera is a well-known large subaqueous Archean caldera complex within the Blake River Megacaldera Complex, Quebec, Canada. The caldera contains a 7-to-9-km-thick succession of bimodal mafic-felsic tholeiitic to calc-alkaline volcanic rocks which were erupted during five major series of volcanic activity.[1]

The metallogenic impact of the Noranda Caldera is well-known, but the importance of the New Senator Caldera and Misema Caldera remains to be evaluated.

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Coordinates: 48°14′N 79°20′W / 48.233°N 79.333°W / 48.233; -79.333