Nordic Embassies

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Nordic Embassies
Schwedische Botschaft Berlin 2004.jpg
Coordinates 52°30′31″N 13°21′02″E / 52.50861°N 13.35056°E / 52.50861; 13.35056Coordinates: 52°30′31″N 13°21′02″E / 52.50861°N 13.35056°E / 52.50861; 13.35056
Location Berlin
Address Rauchstrasse 1
Nordic Embassies behind the copper facade

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin are the diplomatic missions of the Nordic countries to Germany, located in a common building complex, the Pan Nordic Building, in Berlin. The building complex was designed by the architects Alfred Berger and Tiina Parkkinen and completed in 1999.

The building comprises 6 individual buildings enveloped by a green, copper clad, snaking wall. Of the six buildings five are the embassies of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, arranged geographically. The remaining building is a communal building called the Felleshuset, which includes the entrance to the complex, an auditorium and a canteen.


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