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Norma Michaels
Died (aged 95)
OccupationTelevision and film actress, therapist
Spouse(s)Dennis Turrone[1]

Norma Michaels (c. 1924/1925 – January 11, 2020) was an American television and film character actress, with a career spanning six decades from her debut in 1954 until 2018. She was best known of the latter for her portraying of elderly woman on the small screen as "Josephine" on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens, she briefly worked as counselor/therapist during the 1980s.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she got her break appearing on The Jack Benny Show. Her many television credits included Modern Family, Highway to Heaven, The George Gobel Show, Dr. Kildare, Playing House, 2 Broke Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond. Her film roles included Easy A, Wedding Crashers and Bad Arse, and she also appeared in Hello, My Name Is Doris, where she played the mother of Sally Field's character.[2][1]


Production Year Role
The George Gobel Show (TV series) 1954 Patron/episode# 1.2
The Loretta Young Show (TV series) 1960 Nurse - episode The Long Night
Peter Gunn (TV series) 1961 2 roles episode Murder on the Line as - Patient, Deadly Intrusion as - Waitress
The Jack Benny Program (TV series) 1964 Customer
The Incredible Sex Revolution 1965
The Bill Cosby Show 1971 Episode - The Barber Shop
The Zodiac Killer 1971 Gloria
Those Mad, Mad Moviemakers 1974 U.J.A. Lady
Kojak 1977 Uncredited Episode - The Queen of Hearts is Wild as Mary-Anne
Pale Horse, Pale Rider (film short) 1980 Nurse
Highway to Heaven 1987 Mrs. Belker (episode Ghost Rider)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (TVseries) 1992 Various characters
Step by Step (TV series) 1992 Grandma (episode "The Boos")
Land's End (TV series) 1995 Judge (episode's Land's End :Part 1 - Land's End Part 2)
Mr. Show with Bob and David (TV series) 1997 Various characters (episode'sx2 Goin on a Holiday, The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost
It's a Miracle (TV series documentary) 1999 Landlady (episode Football Player Recovers)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) 1999 Episode - Dopplegangland as Older Lady
The View from the Swing 2000 Woman in Park (credited as Norma Micheals)
Angel (TV series) 2001 as Aunt Helen
Gilmore Girls (TV series) 1999 Episode Educating Ethan as Elderly Woman
Big Shots 2001 Granny
Malcolm in the Middle(TV series) 2002 Ethel
Ally McBeal (TV series) 1999-2002 - Episode's Sex, Lies and Politics - Elderly Woman
-One Hundred Teras - Irene (credited as Norma Micheals)
The Andy Dick Show (TV series) 2002 Grandmother
Go for Broke 2002 Old Later
Grace (film short) 2003 Babi
Everybody Loves Raymond (TV series) 2004 Episode Debra at the Lodge - Mrs. Pechi
Wedding Crashers 2005 Old Irish woman
Medium (TV series) 2006 Episode Doctor's Orders as Medium
Boston Legal (TV series) 2006 Episode Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang as Adele Freeman
Mind of Mencia (TV series) 2005-2006 Grandmother
George Bush Goes to Heaven 2007 Ruth Dakin
The King of Queens (TV series) 2004-2006 Josephine (credited as Norma Micheals)
Las Vegas (TV series) 2007 Mrs. Finnigan
The Darkness (Video Game) 2007 Aunt Sarah (as voice artist)
'Side Order of Life (TV series) 2007 Gert
ICarly (TV series) 2007 Episode - ILikeJake as Jake's Grandmother
Unhitched (TV series) 2008 Old Lady/Older Woman
You Don't Mess with the Zohan 2008 Older Lady at Hair Saloon
Mad Men (TV series 2008 Episode For Those Who Think Young - Older Woman (credited as Norma Micheals)
Happy Hour (TV series) (2006-2008) Episode Crazy Girl's as Neighbour (uncredited), The Election as Eleanor (credited as Norma Micheals)
ER (TV series) 2008 Episode Life After Death - Rose Franklin
Leverage (TV series) 2009 Granny- episode The Juror #5 Job (credited as 'Norma Micheals)
Greek (TV series) 2008-2009 - Dearly Beloved - Mrs. Baker, The Popular Vote - Mrs. Baker (uncredited)
Rules of Engagement (TV series) 2009 Episode's Voluntary Commitment as Edie Barnett (credited as Norma Micheals), Sex Toy Shop as Old Lady
Acts of Mercy 2009 Rachel
Love at First Hiccup 2009 Upscale Class Elderly Woman
The 41-Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It (Video) 2010 Old Woman
The Booth at the End (TV series) 2010 Mrs. Tyler
Easy A 2010 Micah's Grandmother (credited as Norma Micheals)
The Defenders 2010
Modern Family 2010
Days of Our Lives 2010
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2011
2 Broke Girls 2011
FCU: Fact Checkers Unit 2011
Bad Ass 2012
Melissa & Joey 2012
Road Show 2013
Innocent Eyes 2013
Slightly Single in L.A. 2013
The Crazy Ones (TV series) 2014 Aunt Sadie (credited as Norma Micheals)
Suburgatory (TV series) 2014 Harriet
Playing House (TV series) 2014 Mrs. Johanssen
The Listing Agent (film short) 2014 Mrs. Gibbs
Hello, My Name Is Doris 2015 Doris' mother
Life in Pieces (TV series) 2015 Mrs Gurney (episode Nanny Tent Earrings Cheeto)
My Land (short film) 2015 La Femme
Angie Tribeca (TV series) 2016 The Famous Ventriloquist Did It Elderly Woman (credited as Norma Micheals)
Emma's Chance 2016 Grandma Bailey
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV series) 2016 Mildred Lench - Episode The Night Shift (credited as Norma Micheals - Final small screen role)
High & Outside: A Baseball Noir 2018 Marlene


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