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Norma Triangle is a residential neighborhood in West Hollywood, California. It encompasses the area bound by Doheny Drive and Beverly Hills on the west, Sunset Blvd and Holloway Drive on the north, and Santa Monica Blvd on the south. The small district is carved into the shape of a right triangle. The exclusive enclave of million dollar residential homes on small tree-lined streets feature a variety of architectural and historic styles, many with celebrity owner pedigrees. Legend has it that the silent movie star Norma Talmadge had a film studio in the area and the homes were originally dressing rooms for the stars after whom she named the streets (Cynthia Street, Lloyd Place, Dicks Street, Phyllis Street, Keith Avenue, etc). Doheny Drive has several Hi-Rise, full service-doorman, luxury condominium buildings.

The neighborhood has one of the highest "Walk" scores in California walkable and offers many upscale cafes and restaurants, shopping, nightclubs, parks, 5-Star luxury hotels and bars in close proximity. The Norma Triangle is located in West Hollywood's most exclusive West-side neighborhood and is bordered by Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, Melrose-Pacific Design Center area and includes a large portion of "Boys' Town" a popular gay district on Santa Monica Blvd. It is also home to the Ticketmaster corporate headquarters, the largest employer in West Hollywood; and IAC's CityGrid Media in the famous Frank Gehry building on Sunset.

The neighborhood area hotspots includes SohoHouse West private club, Boa Steakhouse, Cecconi's, and The Abbey restaurant. Coming soon is the renovation of a the legendary San Vicente Inn, the 5-Star Edition boutique hotel & Residences and the exclusive Arts Club, West Hollywood.

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