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Normans Bay is a coastal hamlet in the Pevensey Levels area of East Sussex, England.

In 2005 divers trying to free a lobster pot discovered a large anchor and cannons offshore. It is thought to be the remains of the English warship HMS Resolution, which sunk there in 1703.[1]

Contrary to popular belief it does not take its name from the Norman conquest of England of 1066. The area occupied by Normans Bay was under water at the time. The forces of William the Conqueror are believed to have landed at nearby Pevensey although there has been some dispute about this.

Normans Bay is near the popular seaside resorts of Eastbourne and Brighton to the west and Bexhill-on-Sea to the east, with a regular train service on the hour during the day (not Sundays). It is served by Normans Bay railway station. The nearest bus service is in Pevensey Bay.

Some points of interest include a sand and shingle beach, a Napoleonic defence tower, two caravan sites and a large Inn. The main village is surrounded by mostly dry marshland to the North, in which lay the land remains of an ancient settlement known as Northeye, which is thought to have gradually been abandoned when the sea retreated (though there is some speculation about this).


Coordinates: 50°49′33″N 0°23′34″E / 50.8257°N 0.3929°E / 50.8257; 0.3929