Norra Kärr mine project

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Norra Kärr mine
Norra Kärr Sweden.png
Jönköping County
Country Sweden
Products Rare earth elements, for example Zirconium

The Norra Kärr mine project is a mine project located in southern Sweden in Jönköping County. Norra Kärr represents one of the largest zirconium reserves in Sweden having estimated reserves of 58 million tonnes of ore grading 1.7% zirconium metal.[1]

Since 2009, the Canadian company Tasman Metals Ltd has explored for rare earth elements in the Norra Kärr area.

In February 2016 the supreme administrative court of Sweden withdrew Tasman's exploitation concession for Norra Kärr.


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Coordinates: 58°06′07″N 14°33′54″E / 58.102°N 14.565°E / 58.102; 14.565