Coordinates: 58°18′01″N 14°38′51″E / 58.30028°N 14.64750°E / 58.30028; 14.64750
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1928 map of the Omberg area.
Highest point
Elevation262.8 m (862 ft)
Coordinates58°18′01″N 14°38′51″E / 58.30028°N 14.64750°E / 58.30028; 14.64750
Omberg is located in Sweden
Age of rockPaleoproterozoic
Mountain typeGranite horst

Omberg (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɔ̌mːbærj])[1] is a forested mountain in the western Östergötland County in Sweden. Administratively it is split between the municipalities of Ödeshög in the south and Vadstena in the north. It lies between Lake Vättern and Lake Tåkern. Geologically the mountain is a horst. Alvastra Abbey lies at its foot.

The western cliff of Omberg has been indicated as an ättestupa in folk history.

Geologically Omberg is a horst, a fault-bounded and uplifted block of bedrock.[2]


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