North American RailNet

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North American RailNet, Inc., based in Bedford, Texas, was a holding company of short line railroads. It formerly owned the following:

Company Date Notes
Alberta RailNet 1999 Sold 2005 to Savage Companies
Camas Prairie RailNet 1998[1] Sold 2004 to Watco Companies[2]
Georgia and Florida RailNet 1999[3] Sold 2005 to OmniTRAX[4]
Illinois RailNet 1997[5] Sold 2005 to OmniTRAX[4]
Mississippi and Tennessee RailNet 1998[6] Sold 2003 to Ironhorse Resources[7]
Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado RailNet 1996[8] Sold 2005 to OmniTRAX[4]