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North Park Theater Marquis before 2013 rehabilitation
North Park Academy

North Park is a neighborhood within the City of Buffalo in New York State.[1] It is one of several neighborhoods that comprise the larger community of North Buffalo. The neighborhood's borders are roughly Delaware Avenue to the west, the former Lackawanna & Western Railroad Right of Way to the north, The Beltline Railroad and the Parkside Neighborhood to the South and Starin and the Central Park neighborhood to the East.[2][3]

Notable businesses and institutions[edit]

These businesses and institutions utilizing the North Park name:

  1. North Park Academy (Public School 66)
  2. North Park Theatre
  3. North Park Branch of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library system.
  4. North Park Lutheran Church
  5. North Park Branch - Bank of America
  6. North Park Florists
  7. North Park Community Preschool
  8. Hertel North Park Youth Baseball

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Coordinates: 42°56′52″N 78°51′21″W / 42.9477166°N 78.85586°W / 42.9477166; -78.85586