North Siberian pig

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North Siberian
Other names Russian: Cибиpcкaя ceвepнaя
Sibirskaya severnaya
Country of origin Russia
  • Male: to 312 kg
  • Pig
  • Sus scrofa domesticus

The North Siberian (Russian: Cибиpcкaя ceвepнaя, Sibirskaya severnaya) is a general purpose pig breed from Russia. Developed in Novosibirsk Oblast in Russia, this medium-sized breed was formally recognized in 1942. A cross of the short-eared Siberian pigs with Large White boars, the North Siberian was bred for a dense bristle covering and undercoat to increase hardiness to the harsh climate of northern Siberia. Adult males typically reach 312 kg in size.[1]

The North Siberian is a white breed, and multicoloured specimens rejected during the breeding programme were used in the development of the Siberian Black Pied breed.

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