Northern Beaches Hospital

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Northern Beaches Hospital
Northern Sydney Local Health District
LocationFrenchs Forest, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates33°45′03″S 151°13′58″E / 33.750751°S 151.232880°E / -33.750751; 151.232880Coordinates: 33°45′03″S 151°13′58″E / 33.750751°S 151.232880°E / -33.750751; 151.232880
Care systemPublic and Private
Emergency departmentYes
Founded30 October 2018
ListsHospitals in Australia

The Northern Beaches Hospital is a hospital in Frenchs Forest, located in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


In May 2013 the State Government announced the Northern Beaches Hospital would be built at Frenchs Forest. Upon its completion it became the primary hospital for the Northern Beaches, with Manly Hospital to close and Mona Vale Hospital to be downgraded.[1] It is operated by Healthscope.[2] In December 2014, Leighton Contractors were selected to build the hospital.[3]

As part of the project, a series of road enhancements will be made to the adjoining Forest Way, Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road by a Ferrovial/York Civil joint venture.[4] It opened on 30 October 2018.

The hospital is not a traditional public hospital, and it is expected that 40% of beds will be reserved for private patients. Doctors are paid less to treat public patients than those with private health insurance.[5][6]

Since opening, the hospital has attracted criticism, with a doctor's union accusing the private operator of being "incompetent" and driven by "profit before patient care".[7] The hospital has also experienced problems with insufficient staffing numbers and lack of basic medical supplies such as insulin. Dr Tony Sara, from the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation of New South Wales, told the ABC that "There is not a complete and proper blood bank...There are ongoing reports of lack of medicines, lack of forms and clinical policies and processes."


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