North Galapagos Microplate

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North Galapagos Microplate
The Galapagos Plate
Type Minor
Movement1 Counterclockwise
Speed1 ?
Features Pacific Ocean
1Relative to the African Plate

The North Galapagos Microplate is a small tectonic plate off the west coast of South America north of the Galapagos Islands.Coordinates: 3°45′N 101°45′W / 3.75°N 101.75°W / 3.75; -101.75[1] It is rotating counterclockwise between three much larger crustal plates around it, the Nazca, Cocos and Pacific Plates. To its south, another small microplate, the Galapagos Microplate is likewise rotating, but clockwise.[2] Both microplates "mesh" along the interface between them.


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