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The Northern Meeting, established in 1788 in Inverness, Scotland, is best known for its bagpiping competition in September. These competitions are among the most prestigious solo events in the piping world. The most famous competition is the pìobaireachd competition, which is organized in three tiers. Entry is restricted to fewer than 100 of the world's top pipers, who must re-apply each year.

The entry level competition is the Silver Medal and is restricted to 30 players. Winners of the Silver Medal (and sometimes runners-up) are usually offered a spot to compete for the Gold Medal the following year, which is restricted to 25 to 30 players. Only previous winners of the Gold Medal are allowed to compete for the Clasp, but winning the Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering also qualifies pipers to play for the Clasp at the Northern Meeting.

Among pipers, the world's most prestigious solo piping award is the Clasp at the Northern Meeting. Similar competitions are held at the Argyllshire Gathering in Oban each year.

The competitions have become more and more international each year, with only 11 pipers from Scotland (of 30 players) in the 2005 Gold Medal competition. Pipers come from other countries such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and Germany.

The Northern Meeting Piping Competitions were held in Aviemore from 2005-2007 during renovations at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness. The 2008 Meeting returned to Eden Court on September 4–5, 2008.

Origins of the Northern Meeting[edit]

In 1788, thirteen Highland gentlemen met in Inverness to discuss how the social life in the North of Scotland might be enlivened. During the course of their "conversation at length on the subject" the Gentlemen resolved to hold an annual meeting "for the purpose of promoting a social intercourse" and agreed among other resolutions, recorded by Dr John Alves, the first secretary, "that the Object of the Meeting is Pleasure and Innocent Amusement."

The Northern Meeting Today[edit]

The new millennium finds The Northern Meeting a vibrant and enthusiastic society. The piping competitions maintain their pre-eminence in the world of competitive bagpiping, and although changed by an increasingly expatriate and itinerant membership, the annual autumn and Christmas balls are highlights of the season. The modern trend of informality tends to flatten many events but the "grand occasion" of the balls, the friendly formality of the Reels and the sense of occasion creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Results from Piobaireachd Competitions[edit]

2013 Clasp Gold Medal Silver Medal
1 Stuart Liddell Callum Beaumont Alasdair Henderson
2 Callum Beaumont Douglas Murray Craig Sutherland
3 Jack Lee Faye Henderson Darach Urquhart
4 William MacCallum Cameron Drummond Jamie Forrester
5 Glenn Brown John Mulhearn George Stewart
2012 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Euan MacCrimmon Derek Midgley Callum Beaumont
2 Finlay Johnston Michael Fitxhenry Murray Henderson
3 Fiona Manson Darach Urquhart William McCallum
4 Cameron Drummond Alasdair Henderson Stuart Liddell
5 Innes Smith Alex Gandy Euan MacCrimmon
2011 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Niall Stewart Gordon Bruce Angus MacColl
2 Faye Henderson David Wilton Jack Lee
3 Innes Smith Jamie Forrester Roderick MacLeod
4 Simon McKerrell Stuart Easton William MacCallum
5 Cameron Drummond Alastair Lee Murray Henderson
2010 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Andrew Hayes Andrew Bonar Jack Lee
2 Niall Stewart John Mulhearn Stuart Liddell
3 William Geddes Sean McKeown Roderick MacLeod
4 Andrew Rogers Xavier Boderiou William McCallum
5 Jori Chisholm Alastair Henderson Niall Matheson
2009 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Glen Brown Cameron Drummond Stuart Liddell
2 William Geddes John Mulhearn Roderick MacLeod
3 Fiona Manson Jamie Forrester Jack Lee
4 James Murray David Wilton Murray Henderson
5 Callum Beaumont Alastair Lee Richard Hawke
2008 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Alan Bevan Colin Lee Greg Wilson
2 William Geddes Neil Hall Jack Lee
3 Callum Beaumont Cameron Drummond Roderick MacLeod
4 Niall Stewart Sean McKeown William McCallum
5 Fiona Manson Lyric Todkill Stuart Liddell
2007 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Iain Speirs Margaret Dunn Stuart Liddell
2 Niall Stewart Gareth Rudolph Angus MacColl
3 Neil Smith Jamie Forrester Niall Matheson
4 James Murray Andrew Douglas Murray Henderson
5 James MacHattie Steven Watterston Jack Lee
2006 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Alastair Dunn Finlay Johnston Murray Henderson
2 James Murray Donald MacKay Angus MacColl
3 Iain Speirs Callum Beaumont Niall Matheson
4 James MacHattie Andrew Carlisle Greg Wilson
5 John Angus Smith Andrea Boyd
2005 Gold Medal Silver Medal Clasp
1 Donald MacPhee Gavin Walker Greg Wilson
2 James Murray L/Sgt Ross McCrindle William McCallum
3 P/M Michael Gray Callum Beaumont Jack Lee
4 Glenn Brown Andrew Douglas Roderick MacLeod, MBE
5 Ian K. MacDonald James Beaumont

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