Northern Norwegian Cup

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Northern Norwegian Cup
Status cancelled
Genre sporting event
Date(s) northern summer
Frequency annual
Location(s) Northern Norway
Country Norway
Inaugurated 1929 (1929)
Most recent 1969 (1969)

The Northern Norwegian Cup was a Norwegian football tournament for men that was played between 1929 and 1969. It was made for clubs from Northern Norway, because these were not allowed admission into the All-Norwegian cup until 1963. After the admission of Northern Norwegian teams, the cup lost its importance, and was ended in 1969.[1]

List of champions[edit]

Total championships[edit]

Note: after club merger in 1996 FK Mjølner have 13 championships (9 from Mjølner and 4 from Narvik/Nor). After the merging the new club was named FK Narvik - later renamed Mjølner.


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