Northern Sulphuric Soul

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Northern Sulphuric Soul
Rae&Christian NorthernSulphuricSoul albumcover2.jpg
Studio album by Rae & Christian
Released 5 October 1998 (Original)
12 January 2004 (Re-release)
Genre Electronica / Hip Hop
Label Grand Central Records
GCCD104 (Original)
GCCD104R (Re-release)
SM-8047-2 (USA)

Mark Rae and Steve Christian

This album = Northern Sulphuric Soul
Rae & Christian chronology
Northern Sulphuric Soul Blazing The Crop
(1999)Blazing The Crop1999
Alternative covers
Re-mastered edition
Re-mastered edition
U.S. cover
U.S. cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars link

Northern Sulphuric Soul was the debut album released by Grand Central Records artists Rae & Christian, on 5 October 1998.

A re-mastered version was released on 12 January 2004, which contained 3 extra tracks and alternative sleeve art.

In the US, the album was released on the Sm:)e label, with a green version of the original orange sleeve.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Divine Sounds"
  2. "Anything U Want" (featuring QNC)
  3. "Swan Song (For a Nation)" (featuring Veba)
  4. "Now I Lay Me Down" (featuring YZ)
  5. "The Hush" (featuring Texas)
  6. "All I Ask" (featuring Veba)
  7. "Swimming Pool"
  8. "Fool" (featuring Veba)
  9. "Catch a Rude Awakening"
  10. "Play On (Grand Central)" - (featuring Jungle Brothers)
  11. "Bring the Drama"
  12. "Flip the Mic" (featuring Jeru the Damaja)
  13. "Spellbound" (featuring Veba)
  14. "Time to Shine"
  15. "The Bacalau"
  16. "Premonition"

Tracks 14 - 16 are bonus tracks, only available on the re-mastered edition.