Not One Light Red: A Modified Document

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Not One Light Red: A Modified Document
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 2000
Genre indie rock
Length 74:46
Label Sunset Alliance (SA 006)
This Argonaut Records
Not One Light Red chronology
Not One Light Red: A Modified Document
Not One Light Red: A Desert Extended
(2003)Not One Light Red: A Desert Extended2003

Not One Light Red: A Modified Document is a compilation album created by Scott Tennent (formerly of Half Visconte and then the current manager of Modified Arts) and David Jensen (formerly of Before Braille) to serve 3 essential missions. Its first mission was to create a record that would showcase and introduce local Phoenix bands to the rest of the United States.[1] Second, it was supposed to serve to help promote the local Phoenix music and art venue, The Modified (also known as Modified Arts).[2] Finally, it was to serve as a springboard for a national independent record label based in the Phoenix area along the same lines as Kill Rock Stars in Olympia, Washington and Dischord Records in Washington, D.C.[1]

Notable tracks on the record include:

  • So Proud of You by Go Big Casino.[1] Go Big Casino is Jim Adkins' (of Jimmy Eat World) solo-project, and So Proud of You was his first commercially released recording under that moniker.[1] In fact, his presence on this record was actually one of the factors that allowed it to obtain a national distribution.[1]
  • Second Rome by Seven Storey.[1] This was Seven Storey's first release after shortening its name from Seven Storey Mountain following the band's quasi-dissolution, as well as the first song released by Lance Lammers since his Based On a True Story EP on Deep Elm Records.[1][3]
  • Leave this City by Reubens Accomplice.[1] This is one of the first commercially released recordings by Reubens Accomplice before the release of their first LP, I Blame the Scenery on Better Looking Records.[1]
  • A Clear Complextion by Pollen.[1] This was a hard to find song from their years on Wind Up Records.[1]
  • Blood Over Wine by Fivespeed.[1] This is one of the earliest releases put out by former Virgin Records band, Fivespeed.
  • No Karate Chops by Before Braille. Although the recording would still sound mostly like a demo, this would also be the first commercially released track by Before Braille. This song would later be re-recorded and re-released as The Jaws of Life on The Rumor.

The art for the album also reflects its desire to promote the Phoenix-based artists showcased at The Modified. Its cover art is a painting called "The Swimmer" by Sergio Aguirre,[1][2][4] and the rest of the packaging features paintings and illustrations by Brent Bond, Jill Betterly, and Lisa Williamson.[1][2]

Three years later, Sunset Alliance worked to continue this series by releasing Not One Light Red: A Desert Extended[5] This record would hope to extend interest in Phoenix bands by also including some national and international favorites such as Cursive and Kristofer Astrom.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Second Rome by Seven Storey" 3:45
2. "Blood Over Wine by Fivespeed" 3:23
3. "Morning, Noon and Nite by Sea of Cortez" 4:32
4. "While You're Away by Harcuvar" 4:40
5. "So Proud of You by Go Big Casino" 3:30
6. ""Make A Wish" by Pinewood Derby" 4:54
7. ""Killing Hope" by Redfield" 3:18
8. "No Karate Chops by Before Braille" 4:08
9. "Procession, Part II by Sextet" 3:53
10. "A Clear Complexion by Pollen" 4:45
11. "Feel Like Another by ...And Guppies Eat Their Young" 3:46
12. "Follow Through #1 by Scott Tennent" 5:07
13. "Leave the City by Reubens Accomplice" 3:22
14. "We Don't Care What They Do Up North by Fightshy" 6:14
15. "Name Your Poison by Death of Marat" 5:17
16. "Ready by Chula" 2:19
17. "Blue-eyed Baldwin by Half Visconte" 7:53


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