Nothing's Carved in Stone

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Nothing's Carved in Stone
Origin Japan
Genres Punk rock, Alternative rock
Years active 2009-present
Labels Dynamord Label (2009-2012)
Epic Records Japan (2012-2015)
Dynamord Label (2015-)
Associated acts Ellegarden
Members Shinichi Ubukata
Takanori Ohkita
Hidekazu Hinata
Taku Muramatsu

Nothing's Carved in Stone is a Japanese rock group formed in January 2009. After Ellegarden decided to go into hiatus in 2008, the group's guitarist Shinichi Ubukata created Nothing's Carved in Stone as his solo project. Their debut album Parallel Lives was released on May 6, 2009, debuting at No. 11 on the Japanese Oricon weekly album charts.[1]

Band members[edit]

  • Shinichi Ubukata (生形 真一 Ubukata Shin'ichi?)guitarist, backing vocals[2]
  • Takanori Ohkita (大喜多 崇規 Ōkita Takanori?)drummer[2]
  • Taku Muramatsu (村松 拓 Muramatsu Taku?) – vocals, guitarist[2]
  • Hidekazu Hinata (日向 秀和 Hinata Hidekazu?)bassist[2]


Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • Enkan -ENCORE- (円環-ENCORE- Arena Encore?) (August 19, 2015)[3]

Video and DVD[edit]

  • Initial Lives - December 9, 2009[3]
  • Time of Justice - December 22, 2010[3]
  • A Silver Film - January 30, 2013[3]
  • No Longer Strangers - January 14, 2015[3]

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