Nova Scotia Barristers' Society

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Nova Scotia Barristers' Society
Type Law Society
Legal status active
Purpose Public regulator of the legal profession
Headquarters Nova Scotia
Region served
Nova Scotia, Canada
Official language
Affiliations Federation of Law Societies of Canada
Website Nova Scotia Barristers' Society

The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society[1] is the statutory body charged with the regulation of the legal profession in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The Legislature of Nova Scotia has enacted the Legal Profession Act,[2] which gives lawyers in Nova Scotia the powers of self-regulation, through the Barristers' Society. In exercising its powers under the Act, the Barristers' Society is required "... to uphold and protect the public interest in the practice of law".[3]

The Barristers' Society has four main functions: (1) regulate standards necessary for admission to the privilege of practising law in the Province; (2) establish standards for the professional responsibility and competence of lawyers in the Province; (3) regulate the practice of law in the Province; and (4) seek to improve the administration of justice in the Province by regular consultations with members of the public who have a particular interest in the purpose of the Society.[4]

In addition to setting the requirements for call to the Bar[5][6] and guidelines for law practice in the Province,[7][8] the Society investigates and adjudicates potential professional misconduct amongst members.[9][10][11][12] An appeal lies to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal from the decision of the Society, on any question of law raised in disciplinary proceedings.[13]

The Barristers' Society is a member of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, an association of the fourteen provincial and territorial bodies governing the legal profession across Canada.


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