Nua Bou

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Nua Bou
Directed by Prabhat Mukherjee
Produced by Dhira Biswal
Rama Krushna Tripathy
Starring Sarat Pujari
Prashant Nanda
Dhira Biswal
Lila Dulali
Music by Balakrishna Das
Distributed by Panchasakha Films
Release date
  • 1962 (1962)
Country India
Language Odia

Nua Bou (Odia: ନୂଆ ବୋଉ) is a 1962 Indian Oriya film directed by Prabhat Mukherjee, which presents the sociocultural scenario of rural village life in India in the 1970s.[1]


Sura Babu lives with his wife Parbati, brother Raju and son Debi. Parbati loves Raju more than his own son. Parbati falls ill and Raju comes to Puri believing that Lord Jaganath's prasad can cure Parbati and brings prasad.The illness continues and native doctor Das is called in. Parbati gradually cured in. Later Parbati's mother and sister Champa come to stay with her. parbati's mother is not well disposed towards mischievous Raju and tries to influence Parbati against him. Her efforts fail as Champa take side of Raju. Dr Das's assistant Mukund and doctor Rabi, a new comer to the village compete for Champa's hand. Dr Das makes the proposal to Sura Babu on behalf of Mukund for Champa's hand. Sura agrees with a misunderstand that Doctor Das himself wants to marry Champa. In the meantime Mukund decided that he is not suitable for Champa. On the marriage day sura Babu forces Dr. Das to marry Champa. At the last moment Raju is found in bridal attire. Mukund comes forward and explain that Champa is in love with Dr. Rabi. The marriage of Rabi and Champa is celebrated.



  • Balakrishna Das has arranged music for this film
  • Melodious song by Sikandar Alam & Shipra Bose


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