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Nuno Alvites, also referred to as Nuno or Nuño Aloitiz[1][a] (fl. 1017–1028),[3] was a count of Portugal, a descendant of the first count, Vímara Peres[4] as the son of Count Alvito Nunes and Gontina.

His presence is recorded for the first time in 1017. He appears in 1025 confirming a donation made by King Alfonso V of León to Nuno's brother, Pedro Alvites and again in that same year in another charter in which he states that he succeeded his father Alvito.[3] He ruled the county with his spouse Ilduara Mendes, daughter of earlier count Menendo González,[3] until he was assassinated in 1028, the same year as the death of King Alfonso V.[5] Ilduara continued to rule the county, with her son Mendo, who was still a child, as regent after her husband's death.[5][6]

Marriage and issue[edit]

  • Mendo Nunes (or Menendo Núñez),[6] (fl. 1028–1050/1053).[3] He governed the country probably as a minor under the regency of his mother and alone as of 1043.[3]
  • Gontroda Núñez,[1] whose presence is recorded in medieval sources from 1028 until 1088, was married to Count Vasco, with whom she probably had no children.[3]
  • Munio Nunes, who sold a property in Domez before 1031.[3]
Nuno Alvites
family of Vímara Peres
Born:  ? Died: early 11th century
Titles of nobility
Preceded by
Alvito Nunes
Count of Portugal
with Ilduara Mendes
Succeeded by
Mendo Nunes


  1. ^ He and his wife are documented in 1025 as comite Nunus Aloitiz et uxori eius comitissa domna Ilduara (Count Nuño Aloitez and his wife countess Ilduara).[2]


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