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Nye Lubricants, Inc.
Nye Lubricants, Inc Headquarters
Products: Synthetic Lubricants
Established: 1844
Number of Employees: About 130
Official Website: Official Website

Nye Lubricants, Inc. traces its origins back to 1844 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1] As the whaling industry’s center, New Bedford proved a hot spot to start an oil and lubricant company. The company was founded by William F. Nye.

Nye Lubricants Today[edit]

William Foster Nye's company[2] is still in business today. Nye Lubricants, Inc is now owned by its third set of owners and can be found in William Nye's hometown of Fairhaven, Massachusetts.[3] They had originally bought the business only for the real estate, but then decided to rejuvenate the company after seeing its client list which included GE and IBM. They continued to obtain raw blackfish head oil from Newfoundland. Later, they formed new supply agreements with a fishing cooperative in the British West Indies, where natives still hunted blackfish for food.

They also saw the writing on the wall; the harvesting of ocean mammals was threatening their extinction. They also understood the technical advantages of the emerging synthetic oils and highly refined mineral oils. In the early 1960s, more than a decade before the Marine Mammal Protection Act outlawed the importing of the company's traditional raw material, the new owners began the transition from porpoise oil to synthetic functional fluids.

Today, synthetic hydrocarbons, esters, polyglycols, silicones. polyphenyl and fluorinated ethers are the "raw materials" for Nye lubricants. But the tradition that began more than 150 years ago continues.

Synthetic Lubricants[edit]

Nye's products are based on a range of synthetic chemistries, including polyalphaolefins, esters, glycols, polyphenylethers, silicones, alkylated naphthalenes, and all commercially available perfluoropolyethers(PFPE). Nye is also the exclusive global reseller of Pennzane® multiplyalkylated cyclopentane fluids, oils and greases.[4]

Nye Lubricants, Inc. formulates, manufactures, and sells synthetic lubricants, thermal coupling compounds, index-matching optical gels and fluids. Its headquarters are in Fairhaven, MA. Nye supplies different industries, including automotive, computer printer, disc drive, mobile appliance, aerospace, defense and HB-LED OEM markets. The company also manufactures industrial maintenance lubricants for incidental food contact, high temperature and other extreme environments.[5] Nye is a corporate member of the National Lubricating Grease Institute(NLGI), the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) and the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI).[6]

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