Nzhelele River

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Nzhelele River
Nzhelele River is located in South Africa
Nzhelele River
Location of the Nzhelele River mouth
EtymologyNzhelele meaning a falcon or an eagle that in ancient times followed elephant hunters and fed on the meat hanging in the trees to dry.[1]
CountrySouth Africa
StateLimpopo Province
Physical characteristics
SourceThathe Vondo
 ⁃ locationSoutpansberg
 ⁃ elevation1,673 m (5,489 ft)
 ⁃ location
Limpopo River, South Africa/Zimbabwe border
 ⁃ coordinates
22°21′08″S 30°22′19″E / 22.35222°S 30.37194°E / -22.35222; 30.37194Coordinates: 22°21′08″S 30°22′19″E / 22.35222°S 30.37194°E / -22.35222; 30.37194
 ⁃ elevation
404 m (1,325 ft)
Basin size2,436 km2 (941 sq mi)
Basin features
 ⁃ leftMutamba
 ⁃ rightMufungudi, Tshishiru

The Nzhelele River is a major watercourse in Limpopo Province, South Africa. The river's catchment area comprises 2,436 square kilometers.[2]


This river collects much of the drainage of the northern slopes of the extensive rock formation of the Soutpansberg. Leaving the mountainous area, it meanders in a northeastward direction across the Lowveld, a wide plain that contains considerable biodiversity, including numerous large mammals such as giraffes, white rhinos and blue wildebeests.[3] It joins the right bank of the Limpopo River 33 km east of Musina.[4]

The Mutamba River, its main tributary, rises in the Buelgum Poort farm of the Soutpansberg, further west from the sources of the Nzhelele.[5] Other tributaries are the Tshiruru River, Mugungudi River, Mutshedzi River and the Wyllie River.[6]

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