O.S.S. (TV series)

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Also known asOffice of Strategic Service
Written byPaul Dudley
Directed byAllan Davis
Robert Siodmak
StarringRon Randell
Max Faulkner
Franklyn Fox
Reginald Hearne
Howard Lang
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Production company(s)Buckeye Productions
Associated Television
Original networkITV
Original release14 September 1957 –
9 March 1958

O.S.S. was a Buckeye Productions and Associated Television co-produced wartime television drama series.

It ran for 26 half-hour monochrome episodes during the 1957-1958 season and was distributed by ITC Entertainment and networked in the United States by ABC.

The series followed the adventures of Frank Hawthorne, an agent with the American Office of Strategic Services, who operated behind Nazi lines in occupied France.

Main cast[edit]

Guest stars included Lois Maxwell, Christopher Lee and Doctor Who villain Roger Delgado.

Episode list[edit]

This episode list is based on the airdate order on ABC, which appears to match the production order and the air-date order for the (unrelated) ABC Weekend TV in the UK.

  1. Operation Fracture
  2. Operation Tulip
  3. Operation Powder Puff
  4. Operation Death Trap
  5. Operation Orange Blossom
  6. Operation Pay Day
  7. Operation Foul Ball
  8. Operation Blue Eyes
  9. Operation Flint Axe
  10. Operation Sweet Talk
  11. Operation Big House
  12. Operation Love Bird
  13. Operation Pigeon Hole
  14. Operation Yo-yo
  15. Operation Yodel
  16. Operation Sardine
  17. Operation Firefly
  18. Operation Eel
  19. Operation Barbecue
  20. Operation Blackbird
  21. Operation Post Office
  22. Operation Newsboy
  23. Operation Chopping Block
  24. Operation Dagger Operation Buried Alive
  25. Operation Meatball
  26. Operation Jingle Bells

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