O Menino no Espelho

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O Menino no Espelho
O Menino no Espelho Poster.jpg
Brazilian theatrical poster
Directed by Guilherme Fiúza Zenha
Produced by André Carreira
Written by Cristiano Abud
André Carreira
Guilherme Fiúza Zenha
Based on O Menino no Espelho by Fernando Sabino
Starring Lino Facioli
Mateus Solano
Regiane Alves
Laura Neiva
Giovanna Rispoli
Cinematography José Roberto Eliezer
Camisa Listrada
Distributed by Downtown Filmes
Release date
  • 30 April 2014 (2014-04-30) (Cine PE)[1]
  • 19 June 2014 (2014-06-19)
Running time
74 minutes
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese

O Menino no Espelho (The Boy in the Mirror) is a 2014 Brazilian fantasy adventure drama film directed by Guilherme Fiúza Zenha, based on the book of the same name by Fernando Sabino.[2] The film stars Lino Facioli, Laura Neiva, Mateus Solano and Regiane Alves.


Fernando is a kid who lives all his fantasies in an intense way and with a lot of imagination. He knows how to "fly" just like birds, living "adventures in the jungle", he builds planes and face the bullies from his school. Together with his friend Mariana and his dog Capeto, he commands a secret society and solves great mysteries like "a haunted house".

But Fernando is never satisfied and always looking to have more free time for his adventures. He wants to have a double someone who would definitely release all his troubles. His reflection in the mirror ends up becoming real just like magic. Odnanref, the mirror double, blindly obeys the wishes of Fernando, assuming his identity whenever he asks. Fernando goes on to live a dream life, the way he always wanted. But something happens when Cìntia, the older cousin of Fernando, arrives in town. Now he will have to resort to his true friends to make Odnanref return to the world of mirrors and thus regain control of his life.[3]



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