Oakzanita Peak

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Oakzanita Peak
Highest point
Elevation5,056 ft (1,541 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence214 ft (65 m) [1]
ListingHundred Peaks Section[2]
Coordinates32°53′27″N 116°33′43″W / 32.890888°N 116.561881°W / 32.890888; -116.561881Coordinates: 32°53′27″N 116°33′43″W / 32.890888°N 116.561881°W / 32.890888; -116.561881[3]
LocationSan Diego County, California, U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Cuyamaca Peak
Easiest routeHike, class 1[2]

Oakzanita Peak is a mountain in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego County roughly 40 miles (64 km) from the Pacific Ocean, in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park east of San Diego and south-southwest of Julian. At 5,054 feet (1,540 m), its summit is the 27th highest point in San Diego County.[4]


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