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The Obai or Bai was the ruler of the Temne people in the Kingdom of Koya, in what is now northwestern Sierra Leone. The kingdom became part of the British protectorate in Sierra Leone after 1898, and the Bai was then a king in title only.

List of Rulers of the Temne state of Koya Temne[edit]

Tenure Incumbent Notes
c.1450 Foundation of Koya state (Koya Kingdom or Temne kingdom)
Bais (Rulers)
c. 1505 to 1680 Unknown Names and Number of Bais, Bai
1680 to 1720 Naimbanna I (in Port Lokko), Bai
1720 to 11 November 1793 Naimbanna II, Bai
1793 to 1807 Farima IV (Farama), Bai
1807 to 1817 Foki, Bai
1817 to 1825 Moriba Kindo Bangura, Alikali, Bai
1825 to 1826 Kunia Banna, Alikali, Bai
1826 to 1840 Fatima Brima Kama, Alikali, Bai - Queen
1840 to 1859 Moribu Kindo, Bai
1859 to 1872 Kanta (Alexander, Conteh), Bai
1872 to 1887 VACANT,
1887 to 1898 Burech (Kabalai), Bai , 1st time from Kasseh
1890 to 1898 Kompa Bakari Bombolai (William Rowe), Bai, from Koya
1898 Fula Mansa Gbanka, Bai

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