Oceanic Remixes/Reinterpretations

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Oceanic Remixes
Isis Oceanic-Remixes.jpg
Remix album by Isis
Released 2004
Recorded 2004
Length 89:23
Label Robotic Empire (Vinyl)
Hydra Head Records (CD)
Producer Isis, Matt Bayles
Isis chronology
Oceanic Remixes

Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations is a 2004 compilation of remixes by various artists of songs from Isis' 2002 album Oceanic. The album was initially released across a series of four 12" vinyl EPs earlier in 2004; Robotic Empire, the label in control of those original vinyl releases, made available a compilation of all four vinyl EPs in one set on July 19, 2006.[1]

Frontman Aaron Turner has stated that he was surprised by the response of the collaborators; having expected half of those contacted by the band to respond, all but two provided material for the series.[2] The stated intent of the project was to allow further exploration of the ambient, electronic and abstract side of Isis, but to delegate it to the “more capable hands” of musicians outside the band whose work Isis admired.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[3]
Aquarian Weekly(A+)[4]
Pitchfork Media(6.2/10.0)[5]

In reviewing, Patrick Slevin of the Aquarian Weekly gave an effusive verdict, commanding that “everyone else should buy Oceanic first, then buy this.”[4] He argues that Remixes “respects the overall spirit and feel of Oceanic, moving into each song with care and deliberate attention, which makes [it] just as pleasing, stimulating and soothing to listen to as its parent recording.”[4] Pitchfork Media's Brandon Stosuy felt that not all Isis fans would enjoy the album, and that the opposite was also true as it may appeal to those not fond of Isis' work.[5] He was critical of much of the material, but saved special praise for Justin Broadrick's rendition of "Hym", arguing that it represents a “coda [which] adds a bit of last-minute revelation” to the piece.[5]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Isis.

Disc one
No.TitleRemix artistLength
2."False Light (Carry Edit)"Ayal Naor, featuring Maria Christopher7:53
3."Hym"Thomas Köner6:19
4."The Other"James Plotkin9:49
5."Carry (First Version)"Tim Hecker4:26
7."Maritime"Mike Patton3:43
Total length:48:04
Disc two
No.TitleRemix artistLength
1."The Beginning and the End"Venetian Snares5:05
2."Carry (Second Version)"Tim Hecker5:21
3."False Light (Deadverse)"Oktopus5:30
4."Carry: Like I Will Love Her Forever? (Fuckin Die!!!)"Speedranch, featuring Guilty Connector5:51
5."From: Sinking, To: Drowning"Destructo Swarmbots7:14
6."Hym"Justin Broadrick14:54
Total length:43:53


Release history[edit]

Date Title Label Catalogue number Format
April 11, 2004 Oceanic Remixes Vol. I Robotic Empire Robo 037 12″[1]
July 13, 2004 Oceanic Remixes Vol. II Robo 038
August 24, 2004 Oceanic Remixes Vol. III Robo 039
November 23, 2004 Oceanic Remixes Vol. IV Robo 040
March 22, 2005 Oceanic: Remixes / Reinterpretations Hydra Head Records HH666-83 2×CD[3]
July 19, 2006 Oceanic Remixes Vol. I–IV Robotic Empire Robo 037–040 4×12″ [Box set][1]


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