Ocelot (musician)

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Birth name Aaron Peacock
Also known as oCeLoT
Vector Selector
Born 1974
Origin San Francisco, California
Genres Psychedelic trance
Years active 2001-present
Labels Many labels, currently
Website http://ocelot.fsax.ch/

oCeLoT aka Aaron Peacock (born 1974 in San Francisco, California) is a record producer and DJ. He has been producing music since 1993 (featuring releases on Journees Music 1995 "Blue Spotted Frog" ep as Aaron Peacock) and has released material on Dropout Productions, Vertigo Records, Ceiba Records, Avatar Records, Insomnia Records, Zaikadelic Records, Ektoplazm.com, and many more. Featuring a discography of 8 albums and more than 100 singles. He produces a Progressive Goa project called Prog-A-Lot, various Techno and House projects (Peacock, Aaron Peacock...), and Drum & Bass / Breaks as NeuroTransmitterz. oCeLoT has toured over 55 countries and played on festivals like Boom, Ozora, Soulclipse, 303, Space of Joy, Full-Moon, Vuuv, and Transcendence.

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