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Octavia may refer to:


  • Octavia the Elder (before 69 – after 29 BC), elder half sister of Octavia Minor
  • Octavia the Younger (69–11 BC), sister of Augustus, younger half sister of Octavia Major and fourth wife of Mark Antony
  • Claudia Octavia (AD 39–62), the daughter of Claudius and Valeria Messalina and first wife of Nero
  • Octahvia (fl. 1980s), American vocalist
  • Octavia E. Butler (1947–2006), African-American science fiction writer
  • Octavia (early 20th century), the name taken by Mabel Barltrop of the Panacea Society in 1918
  • Octavia Spencer (born 1972), African-American actress best known for her Academy Award-winning portrayal of Minnie, the outspoken maid, in the 2011 film The Help
  • Oktawia Kawęcka (born 1991), jazz musician, singer, flutist, composer, producer and actress