Octopus Girl

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Octopus Girl
Octopus Girl.jpg
North American cover of the first volume of Octopus Girl
(Senritsu!! Tako Shōjo)
Genre Horror, Black comedy
Written by Toru Yamazaki
Published by LEED Publishing
English publisher
Magazine Palace of Fear
Original run 19941996
Volumes 3
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Octopus Girl (戦慄!!タコ少女, Senritsu!! Tako Shōjo, "Shudder!! Octopus Girl") is a horror manga written and illustrated by Toru Yamazaki (山咲 トオル, Yamazaki Tooru). It made its first appearance in the 1990s as a feature for Palace of Fear before its commercial release on the Leed Publishing Co. label.


Octopus Girl is made-up of a series of vignettes about the titular character Takoko (Called Tako by her classmates) who is regularly bullied by her classmates. They take things too far one day and attempt to drown her, then force her to eat a live octopus, which she is allergic to. Both almost kill her. However, she wakes up that night with the body of an octopus but the head of a girl. She then gets revenge on the bullies brutally. She later figures out how to control her transformations.

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