Oddamavadi Bridge

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Oddamavadi Bridge
ஓட்டமாவடிப் பாலம்
Oddamavadi bridge.jpg
Old (left) and New (right) bridges
Coordinates 7°55′17″N 81°30′54″E / 7.92139°N 81.51500°E / 7.92139; 81.51500
Carries 3 lanes (2 lanes of highway and 1 railway)
Crosses Valaichchenai lagoon
Locale Oddamavadi, Sri Lanka
Owner Ministry of Ports & Highways
Maintained by Road Development Authority
Design Truss bridge (old)
Cantilever bridge (new)
Material Iron, cement
Total length 250 m (820 ft)
Width 10.5 m (34 ft)
Clearance below Rs.2.6 billion
Designer British Ceylon & Sri Lanka
Construction start 2007(New)
Construction end 1924 (Old)[1]
2010 (New)
Construction cost Rs.770 million
Oddamavadi Bridge is located in Sri Lanka
Oddamavadi Bridge
Inside of bridge

Oddamavadi Bridge (Tamil: ஓட்டமாவடிப் பாலம்) is a road bridge in Oddamavadi, Sri Lanka a length of 250 meters.[2] It crosses the Valaichchenai Lagoon at Batticaloa. The bridge is part of the A15 Batticaloa-Trincomallee highway. It comprises 2 bridges, a British Ceylon era truss bridge which is used as road-rail bridge, and a newly built bridge carrying 2 lanes of highway. The new two lane bridge is 250 m (820 ft) long and 10.5 m (34 ft) wide. The new Oddamavadi bridge was built with financial assistance of the Spanish Government and the World Bank.[3][4]


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