Ode to Io

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Ode to Io
Studio album by
Released19 September 2000
RecordedNovember 1999
StudioKM Studios, Karlskoga, Sweden
GenreStoner Rock
LabelMeteor City
Lowrider chronology
Ode to Io
Reissue cover
2020 re-release, Ode to Io Deluxe Edition (Remastered) Blues Funeral version
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Ode to Io is the first full-length album from the Swedish Rock band Lowrider, released on Meteor City.[2][3][Link to precise page]

Early reviews noted a similarity to musical elements used by influential rock bands such as Kyuss and Fu Manchu.[4] It developed an increased following after the band went on hiatus in 2003. Lowrider reformed to play Desertfest in 2013 and based upon the positive response of the albums performance led to further concert appearances and a subsequent resuming of writing and recording new music.[5]

Allmusic reviewer Eduardo Rivadavia noted it's "unusually focused songwriting" utilizing "crushing riffs, spacey interludes" and an "understanding for heavy/light dynamics." In contrast, the songs "Riding Shotgun", "Caravan" and "Saguaro" were groove based pieces more akin to the style of the down-tuned guitar riff driven bands like Fu Manchu.[6]

Peder Bergstrand (bass & vocals), in a 2021 interview shared more details on the previously unknown, continual and increasing interest in the album. When resuming live performance in 2013 at DesertFest Berlin and London the band realized that, "Ode to Io had sort of its own life and grown and become a classic, without us doing gigs." He later stated that they did not "do anything to promote it for 13 years" and at the 2013 DesertFest Berlin performance in particular, "there were like 2,000 people there, and people knew the songs".[7]

In 2020 a remastered and expanded version was released that included additional tracks from the Ode to lo recording era.[8]

Track listing[edit]

Original release[edit]

  • Bergstrand
2."Flat Earth"
  • Bergstrand
3."Convoy V"
  • Bergstrand
4."Dust Settlin"
  • Bergstrand
5."Sun Devil"
  • Hellquist
  • Bergstrand
  • Hellquist
7."Texas Pt I & II"
  • Bergstrand
  • Hellquist
8."Riding Shotgun"
  • Bergstrand
  • Bergstrand
  • Hellquist
10."Ode to Io"
  • Bergstrand
Deluxe edition (Remastered) 2020[9]
11."The Gnome, The Serpent, The Sun"
  • Bergstrand
12."David Williams Hughes"
  • Bergstrand
  • Bergstrand
  • Bergstrand
15."Ol' Mule Pepe"
  • Bergstrand
16."Upon The Dune"
  • Bergstrand
Total length:01:23:03


  • Andreas Eriksson - Drums
  • Peder Bergstrand - Basses, Vocals
  • Niclas Stalfors - Guitars
  • Ola Hellquist - Lead Guitars, Vocals


Recorded at KM Studios Karlskoga Sweden

The 1st & 3rd week of November 1999

Mixed & Mastered at KM Studios by Andreas Eriksson 2000

Album Photos by Daniel Onnerlov

Cutout Illustrations by Anatol Bolanowski

Cover Concept & Layout by Karate Kommando

Lyrics: Bergstrand/Stalfors/Hellquist/Eriksson

Opening Riff on Track 2 by Felix Daneken Jr.

Remastered credits[edit]

Additional track credits are from the album's sleeve notes.[10]

  • All tracks remastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering in March of 2017.
  • Tracks 11 & 13-16 were previously released as the Nebula/Lowrider split EP.
  • Recorded and produced by Lowrider at KM Studios, Karlskoga, Sweden in May of 1998 (tracks 13-16) and August 1998 (track 11).
  • Track 12 recorded in 2000 and released as part of the "I Am Vengeance"[11] Soundtrack in 2001.


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