Odo of Vitry

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Odo of Vitry
Spouse(s) Matilda, Countess of Rethel
Died 1158

Odo of Vitry (died 1158) was a French nobleman, Lord of Vitry. His parenthood is unclear. It is sometimes stated that he was a son of André, castellan of Vitré and of Agnès de Mortain, but this appears to be based on a confusion between Vitré in Brittany and Vitry in Champagne.

Odo was married to Matilda (d. 1151), the eldest daughter of Hugh I, Count of Rethel. They had one son and four daughters.

From 1124 until his wife's death in 1151, he ruled Rethel jointly with her. After her death, he ruled alone.

Odo died in 1158, and was succeeded by his son Ithier.

Odo of Vitry
Died: 1158
Preceded by
Count of Rethel
With: Matilda (until 1151) 
Succeeded by