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The clan's farmyard of the Oelfkes in Oerbke

About this sound Oelfke  is a German surname and a Low German (Plattdüütsch) masculine given name.

Origin and meaning[edit]

The name Oelfke, name of farmers from the "Hohe Heidmark" of the administrative district Heidekreis in Lower-Saxony, Germany traces back to Ol, Oel=Adel (nobility), Od=Besitz (property), like Oleff, Oloff, Odulleib, that's the one who has the life in sense of "being inheritor", simply expressed that's the one who owns the inheritance of farmer.[1] The farm's name "Oelfkenhof" in Oerbke is already traced to the "Celler Schatzregister" of 1438.[2]

A descendant of the Oelfke family immigrated to the area of Hamburg, Minnesota where thousands of his descendants now live.




  • Tami Oelfken (1888–1957), German author and school reformer




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