Ogle Creek

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Ogle Creek
Name origin: Bob Ogle, a prospector from Molalla [1]
Country United States
State Oregon
County Marion, Clackamas
Source Cascade Range
 - location near Ogle Mountain
 - elevation 3,081 ft (939 m) [2]
 - coordinates 44°53′08″N 122°20′10″W / 44.88556°N 122.33611°W / 44.88556; -122.33611 [3]
Mouth Molalla River
 - location river mile 46 (km 74) on the Molalla, Clackamas County
 - elevation 1,847 ft (563 m)
 - coordinates 44°54′52″N 122°19′51″W / 44.91444°N 122.33083°W / 44.91444; -122.33083Coordinates: 44°54′52″N 122°19′51″W / 44.91444°N 122.33083°W / 44.91444; -122.33083 [3]
Location of Ogle Creek mouth in Oregon

Ogle Creek is a headwaters tributary, about 2 miles (3 km) long, of the Molalla River in the northwestern part of Oregon in the United States. From its source in the Cascade Range, it flows north from far-northern Marion County into Clackamas County near Ogle Mountain. From there it continues north into the river about 46 miles (74 km) above its confluence with the Willamette River.[4]

Ogle Creek was named for Bob Ogle,[1] a Molalla prospector who found gold along the creek in 1862. An Oregon City Mining Company employee had found placer gold along the upper Molalla in 1860. Over the next 40 years, many others filed mining claims in the Molalla watershed. The biggest claimant, the Ogle Mountain Mining Company, operated the Ogle Mountain Mine between 1903 and 1915. Limited mining continued here until 1953, when Weyerhaeuser bought the land for timber.[5]

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